Our Story


My name is Emily and I am the founder and creator of Peach Pup 🐶

I have created a line of step in harnesses (perfect for small dogs and puppies), so that small dogs can be fashionable too!

When I got my first maltipoo puppy, I really struggled to find any harnesses that would fit her, as she was so small. There was also not much of a selection of smaller harnesses to choose from. This is where the idea behind Peach Pup was formed.

Bringing fashion, comfort and choice to our little pooches.

Now, to introduce my little furbabies..

Nora is a cream coloured, wavy maltipoo and Mabel is a chocolate coloured, curly maltipoo. They are my little dynamic duo and they are also the inspiration behind Peach Pup. I wouldn't be doing this without them!

We're all about doing what we love, and we're crossing our fingers that you'll dig it too!

Emily, Nora & Mabel ❤